Texas is the best in The Woodlands

The Woodlands, Texas

If you want to live in Texas, where is the best place?  You could live in Dallas. You could live in Austin. You could live in San Antonio. These are all great cities, but where is the best place to raise your family? The answer is:  The Woodlands, Texas.

The Woodlands was developed by George Mitchell and his oil money. George Mitchell was the guy who invented fracking. He developed a new way of living north of Houston. He basically copied what the Rouse Company did in Columbia, Maryland.  They built the first master planned community. Everything in The Woodlands has been pre-planned.  You won’t see sprawling boulevards of stores with all kinds of strange buildings. Everything was built to coincide with nature. The Woodlands started out as a dense forest. Most of the trees have been preserved when the homes were built. It really is like living in the forest. Homes selling in The Woodlands, Texas are very affordable compared to the rest of the country.

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